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Lesley M. Cruz
Creative Therapy for Children,Adolescents, Individuals , & Families
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Session Fees & Insurance

Standard Session Fees
$  100/per 60- Minute Session
$ 175/per  90- Minute EMDR Session

Fees are a reflection of my education,specialized training,extensively supervised experience, unsupervised experience, and my ongoing expert level training as a Therapist. Although my fee is non-negotiable, special payment arrangements can be made temporarily to accomodate your current needs.

Health Insurance
I do not accept any form of health insurance in order to avoid compromising your level of confidentiality. When submitting bills to an insurance company, many people have access to the information on that bill: the processor, case managers, peer reviewers and customer services representatives, just to name a few. In the short-run, this may not affect you; however, if you ever decide to apply for life insurance or similar policies, all medical records are requested. This includes all mental health records. If you are summoned in a court proceeding, such as a divorce, custody hearing or as a witness, your mental health records can also be subpoenaed.

When using insurance, and the number of authorized sessions is used up, I'm expected to contact the insurance panel to discuss your case with a reviewer so they can determine if your case warrants additional sessions with the information I provide. The insurance then makes a determination regardless of what I believe or what you feels is necessary. Insurance panels can also recommend a psychiatric evaluation for medications if they believe therapy alone is not reducing your symptoms.

I simply choose NOT to engage in this sometimes lenghty process and prefer to be accountable only to my client's treatment. 

Reduced Fee
I devote 30 % of my practice pro bono assisting those with no access to services. As a result, reduced fee or sliding scale mental health services are available on a limited basis to those in financial need and/or experiencing temporary financial hardship. Inquire within regarding available time slots of my current schedule. 

Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment.

Cancellation Policy
A courtesy notice is expected within 24 hours to avoid being billed the full cost of the session.

Questions? Please
  at (310) 487 - 4041 for further information.